10 red flags dating

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Before you click off, let me explain! There was literally nothing on T. Well, I started the series from the very first episode. Lauren Conrad has just moved to L. Meanwhile, 10 red flags dating BFF Heidi Montag has just dropped out of said fashion school to pursue a career in nightlife management or whatever you call that job. Early on in the season, Heidi is dating this new-ish guy I think his name is Jordan who is—quite honestly—a complete jerk. She eventually breaks up with him, but I was confused about why she stayed with him as long as she did to begin with.

The red flags were quite glaring.

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And that got me thinking—as a lot of reality T. Is that harder for some women to do this based on their childhood, past experience, self-esteem, etc.? Of course it is, but should that be a reason to stay in a rotten relationship? Dating is hard. I get that. Been there, done that. You are precious to God—He would never treat you like a disposable paper plate.

In fact, the way that jerk treats you pisses God off can I say that?! Despite common belief and stupid cultural lies, you absolutely do choose who you love. Because you get to choose who to love, and you get to choose who you spend your life with.

I especially caution you to keep your eyes wide open even after a few months of dating. Because like I always say, what you experience from someone when dating will 10 red flags dating be exacerbated in marriage. So, here are 10 red flags that every woman needs to catch.

No, not just in the playful Oh, shut up! So, if your boyfriend frequently tells you to shut up, ask him to stop and tell him why. If he listens and respects your request, then there might be a future. No one should you make you feel that way, especially your 10 red flags dating. Okay, listen. I know we live in the 21st century, and women are equal and love their independence. When I was dating my husband, he was a medical student, which meant he had zero income besides some savings from his gap year. So, did I expect him to pay for every single date?

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Of course not! I was working full-time and was happy to pay for many of our dates. Important enough to spend my hard-earned money on. I want to treat you.

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Neither of which make for a healthy and loving relationship. I remember when I was in college, I had just finished a video I was really proud of I studied broadcast journalism. I had worked really hard on it, and I was excited to show it to my boyfriend.

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I was so embarrassed that I remember immediately shutting the laptop, going into my bedroom, and shutting the door behind me. He had made me feel like an idiot. Your boyfriend and potentially future husband should lift you up, encourage you, and—as my husband calls it—be your hype 10 red flags dating.

Sure, there may be times when one of you needs to share honest feedback, but you do so in a way that is loving and helpful, not embarrassing or hurtful. This one goes along with four. Your person should be your biggest cheerleader. If you have any reservations about introducing your boyfriend to your friends or family, ask yourself why.

In my early 20s, I had a friend who was engaged to a guy who got frustrated with her every Sunday because she was at church from AM to 1 PM. She helped set up for the first service, served during that service, attended the 10 red flags dating service, and then helped tear down. As believers, the local church should be a priority in our lives. Man, that is so true. A man who is sweet and generous with his mother will most likely be sweet and generous and other things! Ask yourself questions like:. My goal is not to discourage you.

But you are deserving of someone who strives to cherish you, someone who does their best to treat you like the treasure that you are. I pray our persistence to pursue only the best will force the men who are slacking to step up their game. Are you with me? You must be logged in to post a comment. Advertise With Us. Search for:.

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10 red flags dating

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10 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore in a New Relationship