Best way to meet women in your 20s

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Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Thread starter ClarityZedd Start date Mar 18, Sidebar Sidebar. Next. ClarityZedd Senior member. Mar 15, 6 At this point, you really can't meet them through natural means anymore - you're not in college where cute young single girls are everywhere, most of your friends are married or taken so you're not hanging out with a bunch of single people anymore, if you're trying to make a lot of money, you're likely working a job around a bunch of older men.

What's the options here? I'll occasionally be approached by a decent looking 35 year old but I'm not gonna date anybody older than me. If this is so difficult for me, how the hell can the average guy who is chubby meet someone at a bar? The huge groups in the bar scene make it very difficult to tell who is single and who is not. I am not one of those guys who is okay approaching a chick with a bunch of male friends there and you have no idea if one of the guys there is her boyfriend and you end Best way to meet women in your 20s looking like a complete dick.

I'm not trying to make anybody feel awkward or uncomfortable. Outside of the bar scene, what do you really do? Online dating is complete garbage unless you're a 6'3 white male model type. IMO, women on dating site are the most superficial and pickiest people in the world That's the natural result of getting 80, messages a day I suppose.

I'm realistically maybe a 7. You have to be a 9. Approaching during the day is very overrated too. The odds of a random cute 27 year old being single AND looking to date someone AND being attracted to you is like 1 in a so, unless you're one of those masochists who is okay hearing nos to get 1 yes, day approaches are horrible too Yet most people date someone in their own league. What the hell am I missing here? Sonikku Lifer. Jun 23, 15, 4, ClarityZedd said:. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, IronWing No Lifer.

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Jul 20, 62, 15, Naughty words in thread titles are a Bozo no-no. May 19, 14, 5, Take up a night class for something that interests you. Why don't you want to date older women than yourself? How many other 'requirements' do you have? It seems to me that you're entirely preoccupied with your looks, then you wonder why you get overlooked. My brother is hardly a 10 in terms of looks, he's hardly had a huge Best way to meet women in your 20s record in the relationships department and yet he met up with a woman from a dating site who IMO is perfectly intelligent and attractive and now they've added another sprog to the set.

Go look at some couples in their 40s, Best way to meet women in your 20s and 60s. The man often times looks 10 years younger, even if he's 5 years older Men have much much better skin when it comes to aging. White women especially have horrible genetics for aging I'm Armenian - my 60 year old dad has less wrinkles than some white women I see who are I really don't want a light skinned white women.

Here's the basic problem with online dating Let's say you're a decent looking guy with a good job, college educated, etc Well guess what? Muse Lifer. Jul 11, 31, 4, OK, read the OP, not the responses. I have no criticism of what you say, I'm way way older, but live in the same world and was once your age. My thought is to suggest that you engage in activities where you will get to know some girls in the age range that you're interested in.

That could be a club, a volunteer activity, interest group, I don't know where you live but I think things like that are pretty much everywhere. Once you start meeting and getting interested in some of those females you can just suggest you go get some coffee or whatever and take it from there if you think it might work.

Myself, I can only remember hitting on one girl who was older than me, which was maybe by years max, but it was fantastic. Last edited: Mar 18, Jeeebus Diamond Member. Aug 29, 9, Reactions: Capt Caveman. Crono Lifer. Aug 8, 23, 1, Reactions: CaptanteRed Squirrel and snoopy You don't want to date an older woman because you're afraid of Are you looking for a long-term relationship or just to get laid? If it's the former, then what the hell difference do wrinkles make?

You're both going to have them someday. Would you want her to reject you outright or later for something that makes no difference to anything? Do the things I already suggested? Focus on expressing your personality in your profile? Give out some actual information about what kind of person you are, even if it's to the expense of some women saying "nah"? My brother is neither 6'3 or "male model handsome".

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Neither am I. I'm married. Jan 1, 6, 3, You will fade quickly. Jan 18, 17, 1, My dad at 45 could pass for being Our people are comparable with the blacks for aging. Mar 13, 2 0 6.

Best way to meet women in your 20s

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How do guys in mid to late 20s/early 30s actually meet women???