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There is a bar in Soi Cowboy where every visitor is welcomed by all of the pretty ladies who surround customers when they sit down in the bar. There is a bar in Soi Cowboy where most of the ladies actually dance and put energy in to it yet they are all barfineable and there is not a coyote amongst them. And there is a bar in Soi Cowboy where not one of the ladies will refuse to, ahem…. Welcome to Cockatoo, the one and only ladyboy bar in Soi Cowboy! Cockatoo was the first and is still the only ladyboy bar in Soi Cowboy, something it doesn't eschew with large neon s proudly stating exactly what the bar is about.

Sitting at the eastern end of Soi Cowboy, nestled between Rio and Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy out of place restaurant whose name escapes me, Cockatoo is a single shophouse bar with a narrow stage and dance floor. My good pal Floyd of Wellington loves to remind me about the time he was on a bus somewhere in Thailand and sat right next to him was a fellow Kiwi. The two Kiwis get chatting and so the story goes, Floyd mentions that not only does he read Stickman, but that he and Stickman are mates, to which the other Kiwi says, Stickman likes ladyboys and StickmanBangkok.

I guess that's what happens when the banner at the top of the main index for years was for a ladyboy escort agency. To put the records straightI don't have a thing for ladyboys; neither do I have a problem with them. Many fans of the nightlife get all bent out of shape over ladyboys but I don't see an issue. Ladyboys are amusing in moderation.

That doesn't mean I visit ladyboy bars — I don't — nor do I especially want to be around them, but that doesn't mean that being around them is something to be avoided; on the contrary, being in the company of ladyboys can be a riot! When it was announced some years back that Tony's Bar had been sold and it was going to reopen as an all-ladyboy bar, something Soi Cowboy had never had before it has had ladyboys but never an all-ladyboy barhowls of protests were heard from Soi Cowboy regulars.

Grumpy, who ranted even more than he usually does about how ladyboys would mean an increase in crime it hasn't and how they would bring various social problems to Soi Cowboy and it would never be the same. If anything, the arrival of Cockatoo Bar has given the soi a more balanced vibe and it's not all one-way traffic. Like most ladyboy bars, the owners of Cockatoo rub their hands together every month; the bar is a goldmine!

One of two ladyboy bars in the Stumble inn Group the other being Temptations in Nana PlazaCockatoo makes more money per square-metre than any other bar in the group. Seriously, if you're keen to enter the bar business and create a viable and profitable business — as opposed to creating your own private bar which you allow the public to attend — start a ladyboy bar. Ladyboy bars are where the money is at!

I am told that one of the great things about operating ladyboy bars is that there is never any problem recruiting them. Apparently there is no shortage of ladyboys keen to enter the industry. Where do they all come from?! Some ladyboys are feminine, easy on the eye and may be Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy mistaken for a lady born a lady whereas some, well, you just have to smile.

Some really are quite masculine which may well be a look that some guys go for…. A couple of the ladyboys in Cockatoo are as feminine as any girl on Soi Cowboy. Most females — Thai and foreign — readily acknowledge some Thai ladyboys are striking to look at, yet many foreign bar hounds get all bent out of shape over the Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy that there are ladyboys and ladyboy bars in the nightlife areas. There seems to be this mistaken idea that nobody likes ladyboys and if the ladyboy bars weren't there, there would be more ladies around.

It doesn't work like that. As I already said, ladyboy bars do very well! Finding ladyboys attractive doesn't mean you're gay and doesn't mean you have a thing for ladyboys. There is no reason why you can't acknowledge that some are attractive. I notice far fewer tattoos on the ladyboys. Plastic surgery is another matter — most have had their boobs done and a few have butt implants. I didn't enquire but I understand that few perhaps none in Cockatoo have had the cruelest cut of all. Customers entering Cockatoo are welcomed in much the same way as the girls welcome customers in the hostess bars of Phnom Penh.

When a Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy enters the bar, most of the ladies surround them and try to get them to choose them to sit down with them. In Cockatoo the ladyboys make sweet faces, wave, and compete with one another to get the guy's attention. It's tastefully done and anyone who wants to be left alone will be. Cockatoo is relaxed and there is no pressure at all. If you are not interested in company or they work out that you're straight and ladyboys are not your thing and you're just there to people watchyou are still very welcome and won't be hassled.

While I have no issue with ladyboys, I'll be the first to acknowledge that they are much more volatile than your average female. My visits to Cockatoo have not been limited to taking photos. Twice I have visited Cockatoo with friends, taking folks from out of town in so they could see what a ladyboy bar is all about.

That said, I wouldn't visit Cockatoo alone.

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The Cockatoo crew is chilled. Obviously a lot of ladyboys are taking pills and may be on hormone treatment which must play havoc with their mood and emotions, so what's the deal in Cockatoo? Why are they so laid back? Management must be doing something right. The attitude of the ladyboys in Cockatoo is not how I expect a ladyboy bar would be. Forget what happens in Nana Plaza where straight guys are groped and generally hassled just walking past ladyboy bars….

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I hate to think what happens inside. That is a Nana Plaza management issue, something the management of the plaza could so something about but appear to have put in the too hard basket.

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That sort of carry on doesn't happen at Patpong — where there are a of ladyboy bars — nor does it happen at Cockatoo in Soi Cowboy. Cockatoo is most popular with the Japanese but that doesn't mean the ladyboys of Cockatoo go overboard with bleached hair or a look the Japanese go for. The profile of customers at Cockatoo is predominately young Japanese guys i. Is sex with a ladyboy a rite of passage for Japanese in Bangkok?

Ok, so I jest, but a disproportionately high of Japanese frequent some ladyboy bars — True Obsessions in Nana is also a hot spot for the Japanese. The lady pictured here is one of those rare Thais who doesn't look nearly as good in pixels as she does in the flesh, ooops, perhaps it would better if I rephrased that as in a bikini! I do wonder how many punters over the years have unwittingly ended up with a ladyboy.

There have been plenty of stories over the years of how a guy ended up in a room only to discover at the last minute that she was in fact born a he. Heavy alcohol consumption has to be a factor and there is no shortage of stories from those who discovered that she was not what he thought she was and decided to hell with it, let's give it a go anyway!

They tell me that Nana's True Obsessions has some of the best looking ladyboys and definitely Nana Plaza is the place for ladyboy lovers with several all-ladyboy bars and a few more with token ladyboys sprinkled amongst those born female, some less Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy than others. There are much larger ladyboy bars and probably the ladyboy aficionados will tell me all that is wrong with Cockatoo; admittedly I am out of my depth in this sector of the industry. But the fact that Cockatoo welcomes those who don't wish to do anything more than watch or show visitors from out of town what it's all about sets it apart.

I get it that the average guy doesn't care for ladyboys. At the same time, ladyboys are not going to be the downfall of the industry Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy some bar hounds would tell you. Cockatoo is not like an opium den — you don't need to partake to enjoy yourself! Where was this photo taken? Preference may be given to s which refer to the week's column. I think the reason that Thailand is less attractive than it used to be is mainly due to decline of cheap nightlife and easy girlfriend experience options. It's still a nice place to visit, relax a bit and have some fun, but there is no longer an irresistibly compelling draw to move here full-time.

I visited Thailand for the first time in and gave up a top-notch job in my field to come to live here 3 years later, the allure was so strong. I don't regret the decision at all, and still enjoy Bangkok. However, had I arrived here for the first time afterno way would I have made the decision to move.

The girl scene is not nearly as compelling any more, and it's not so much about higher prices, but the changing nature of the scene. Sure, there are still plenty of hookers offering their services for a pop or two, or even overnight, but the thrill of an open-ended, wide field of possibilities is gone. In Thailand, the girlfriend experience used to mean you could choose to go on a vacation with a girl, and have an extended relationship all the way up to marriage non-exclusive as it might bebut now it means she accepts French kissing during your hour together.

Even if you mostly did short times, the possibility was thrilling and made all the difference. Every Farang used to be rock star, but now is just another penis on the conveyor belt. As for regular girls, 10 years ago it was common to see unimpressive old Farangs with much younger, good looking Thai girlfriends or wives. These days such a heart-warming sight is exceedingly rare. For an under expat, below-average Thai women are still a lot easier than their Western counterparts, but they are getting picky and effort is required. Moreover, they do not offer all that much in terms of conversation, understanding or loyalty.

Thailand has gotten better in many ways, certainly better for most Thais. It's still a great place to live and has a lot to offer…but it no longer has that unique irresistible draw. We are in Bangkok for a few days. Talk about busy — our hotel, Centrepoint, is packed! Sometimes we have to queue for the hotel tuktuk and I think winning the lottery would be easier than getting a table at breakfast time. Bangkok seems busier than it has ever been. Just goes to show how wrong all those predicting Bangkok's demise just because of the changing bar scene and lack of girls were.

I reckon you could eliminate every bar area in Thailand, and 5 minutes later the tourist s will be up again. I'd like to put forward one possible theory as to why some parts of the Bangkok gogo scene seems to be buzzing at the moment whereas most of the equivalents down in Pattaya are in dire straits this low season. As an old Thai gogo fan, my recent experience in both locations reveals totally different experiences. It's a bit of a generalisation, but in recent years in Pattaya, many gogo bar owners have worked on a model of paying ridiculously high Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy to the girls and charging daft barfines with 1, baht being very common.

This is, in my view, Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy short-sighted policy based on greed and in far fewer girls feeling the need to get barfined and far fewer punters feeling it Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy value to do so. And in many bars, especially in Walking Street, drinks prices are often higher than in many Bangkok bars. This model may attract one-off visits from tourists to have a glimpse but is unattractive to hardcore gogo fans who spend large amounts, either as expats or regular visitors year and year after year.

In total contrast and against the general perception of many people regarding this sector, many Bangkok gogo bars now offer a far better customer experience. Lower salaries for the dancers, far more sensibly priced barfines, a real fun atmosphere in many bars where many girls actively encourage customers to have fun in the bar and then to barfine them rather than just trying to keep them in the bar to milk them for lady drinks. Just my thoughts, others may not agree.

I witnessed another classic Thaiconomics situation in Nana Plaza. I ducked in to London Calling to see if there'd Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy any improvement to one of the worst managed bars in Bangkok. They still have the mix of girls and ladyboys which is never going to work and now try to mimic Long Gun by taking their shows in a half-assed kind of way. They had one pudgy girl doing the callisthenic slide-down-the-pole and gyrate suggestively show, rather than the 3 or 4 Long Gun has, followed by the girl shooting darts out of her private parts toward balloons. She was alarmingly inaccurate, so my suggestion to any punters is to move well away from her target zone!

To me, these kind of shows are about as arousing as a gynaecological examination, but to top it off, after each section of the show the service staff walk around the bar with a basket labelled 'Show' and ask for money, delivering a dirty look to any customer who dare not pay a tax for this 'entertainment'. This from a bar with the highest drink prices in Nana Plaza, a dire lack of customers and possibly the worst music of all bars — though there's some worthy competition for that title.

They are a bar girl do the math before diving in. Seriously, do the math, Conrad.

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Drug Use Instantly in a much higher STD risk bracket not to mention violence and other illegal activity. Tobacco Use If you smoke this means nothing, if you don't it means everything. Braces There is something sick about women trying to look like an illegal age teenager because she thinks it will attract men. Consider what the cheese graters can do to your watzit! Piercings Anything past earrings makes them look like they belong in the Africa edition of National Geographic, nose piercings, lip piercings, tongues, cheeks, eyebrows, nipples and woohoos. I don't want to worry if I need a tetanus shot!

Hideous Dark Make-Up Typically applied by envious ladyboys who are secretly trying to make them less attractive than themselves. Tattoos Historically, tats are worn to express culture or life events. At 19, these girls haven't lived life, they get tats only because of how they look, not what they say or stand for. Stretch Marks Not only do they mar otherwise nice skin, but now you know there's a kid waiting for mom to come home, or to call, or to make a lot of Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy for.

And then there's the change in geography you're paying for. Fake Eyelashes Seriously, half of these ladies have the equine eyelashes. Maybe that's where the stores get them. Somewhere out there is a farm of eyelash-less horses with severe image complexes.

Fake Boobs Not only are they seriously out of place on Thai women, but eventually you'll get around to touching them and be disappointed they feel like…well…enema bags. Where there are the 10 most unattractive things, there are certainly the 10 most attractive things…stay tuned.

Saya says, a person without thoughts is walking dead. Girls entering Nana Plaza this week had to hand bags over to the security crew manning the Cockatoo ladyboy bar soi cowboy at the entrance so their belongings could be searched.

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