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If you've been charged with a crime of Erie pennsylvania sex nature, your entire life is on the line. Even if it isn't true, once word gets out that you've been involved in a rape, incest, child pornography, or sexual assault incident your reputation, relationships, career, and future are all on the line. With so much at stake, you need to an Erie pennsylvania sex sex crime defense lawyer who knows the ins and outs of sexually motivated crime laws in Pennsylvania.

False or exaggerated allegations of sexually motivated crimes cause tremendous fear, embarrassment, and uncertainty. If you are under investigation for any sex offense crime you're probably full of anxiety. And if you have family, most likely they are as well.

We offer a free case evaluation every time, no matter the crime. Reach out today to have your case reviewed and get started on the path of getting your life back after being accused of a sex crime. Free Case Evaluation. Thanks again Stephen for a tough uphill battle, and you never gave up. John Erie, PA. Distributing, creating, or being in the possession of child pornography could mean up to 20 years in state prison if convicted.

If you've been charged for indecency withyou could be facing years in prison. Could be more past first offense. Though the definition of sexual assault is broad, the consequences are harsh. As it is one of the most serious sex crime allegations, being convicted of rape could mean the next 20 years in prison 30 if drugs were involved.

Without a strong defense, marrying or having some other type of sexual relationship with a close relative can get you up to 10 years in prison. The distribution, selling, or displaying of materials deemed obscene to minors is punishable in Pennsylvania by up to 5 years in prison and fines. While there is not much you can do to take back the words or actions of yourself or others that brought Erie pennsylvania sex to this situation, you now have the responsibility to protect your future from even more harm than this accusation may have already caused.

The best way to do this is to partner with a defense Erie pennsylvania sex who specializes in these types of serious crimes. Our sex crimes defense attorneys fight sex crime allegations in both state and federal court. No matter the circumstances, contact our sex crime attorneys to discuss your charges during a free case consultation.

What are the possible penalties for a sex crime in Pennsylvania? The potential consequences could be severe:. If you do not register as a sex offender when you were supposed to, you will be charged with another crime, possibly a felony, and will need additional help with a sex crime lawyer. If you've been charged with a sex crime, it's important to immediately contact an experienced sex crime attorney to help you protect your rights and minimize your penalties.

Attorney Sebald did a great job handling my case. I was cited improperly for a traffic accident, and Steve and his partner were able to resolve the situation quickly and with great professionalism. Sebald is honest with you from the beginning and will do everything he can to get the best possible outcome. Eric has helped us numerous times. He has been there for us when ever we call and made himself available in a moments notice, when necessary. He knows just what to do and is also great at dealing with the emotional side of the situation.

We trust him completely and would highly recommend Eric. Eric was great. Very professional and very knowledgeable of the law. Attorney Hackwelder and his partner were able to resolve my particular case quickly and to my benefit. Good job! Hackwelder and Mr. Sebald both worked very diligently to a resolution of a very serious case.

My son was accused of a crime that would have cost him his freedom and caused irreparable harm to his reputation and his family unit. A conviction would have led to certain alienation of his rights as a father. My son, a provider and a family man was accused by a third party with an obvious agenda.

Both Hackwelder and Sebald did exactly as the indicated at our first meeting. They said that this case would end up dismissed and it was. They were able to successfully demonstrate to the district attorney that there was no way that this case would be successfully prosecuted because of the lack of evidence, improper conduct and the overt agenda of the accusing party. I would not hesitate to ask Eric Hackwelder or Stephen Sebald to represent my loved ones again and you definitely shouldn't look any further.

We were extremely satisfied with Attorney Sebald and Attorney Hackwelder. Highly recommend. You want that piece of mind when you get into legal trouble call these Erie pennsylvania sex. You won't be disappointed. I just wanna say that I am overly satisfied with Mr Sebald! I recommend if you have any troubles to contact him and his partner Mr Hackwelder. The both did a Great job thank you guys! I was charged with theft by extortion, a 3rd degree felony which carries a possible sentence of 7 years in prison and 15, Erie pennsylvania sex fines.

Against my better judgement, I took the advice of Stephen and pled guilty for a reduced sentence. I have many good things to say about Mr. Hackwelder and his team. From the beginning he came to our aid last minute and were good at keeping open lines of communication with me and my family. Erie pennsylvania sex worked on our case up to the last possible moment and even met with me on weekends.

He answered all my questions throughout the whole process, was polite and did not waste time. The case was an extremely hard one, and the legal system was a bear to work with, but Mr. Hackwelder showed up every time with lots of energy and a positive attitude. He never promised what could not be done, but our were extremely positive, in part to Erie pennsylvania sex hard work and constant attention to important details. I highly recommend him and his team. Hackwelder, I believe, went above and beyond the call of duty in our unique circumstance.

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