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In the mood to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie with a positive, Christian message? There's a wealth of faith-based films on Amazon, so grab some hot chocolateturn off your phone, and start streaming.

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It's kind of a classic story: John, Faith movies online hard-working guy, is obsessed with his career, much to the detriment of his family life. But when his father passes away, he's forced to face his past, figure out his priorities, and allow his spirituality to help him through life's struggles.

As you probably guessed, this movie is based on the classic Charles Dickens' book, A Christmas Carol, only with more emphasis on faith and Christianity. In a fun twist, the protagonist is also a woman named Carol get it? Lewis, author of the famous children's book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobewas actually a devout Christian and a super interesting man.

This look at Faith movies online life is narrated by Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley, so you know it's good. In the mood for some romance? Belle and the Beast is about a woman who gets a job with a millionaire who only cares about work. But her love of life — and love of faith — eventually brings the two closer together. Spoiler alert: Yes, they fall in love and yes, it's super cute. Not only does this movie star Ja Rule, which is pretty surprising in a good waybut it also has a juicy plot.

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Without giving too much away, a church-going girl falls for a former gang member trying to get on the right path. Naturally, drama ensues. It's a challenge many face: One person is deeply religious, but their partner is not.

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Faith movies online chronicles the relationship of a young couple with this exact problem, and how the two of them work through it. Desperate for money and willing to do just about anything to get custody of his daughter, James agrees to make a cross-country delivery. But things change when he discovers his bosses are human traffickers, and James is expected to transport two women. This Christian movie is an important reminder to have faith in others — and in yourself — during times of crisis. If you love historical dramas, this film about Christian pioneers in the mids is for you.

Traveling across the country in rough conditions is hard work, but with the help of a few miracles or 17, to be exactthese men just may make it through. Angie is the daughter of a preacher and, lo and behold, she's feeling a little stifled. In a quest for independence, she s a traveling gospel choir. The decision comes with its ups, downs, and a whole lot of life lessons. This is a fascinating documentary about the roots and heritage of the Black Church in Canada. It's rich with history, and soundtracked with great gospel music.

This may not be an overtly Christian movie, but it is all about Christian Faith movies online and having faith. The film follows a man who's given months to live after contracting polio shortly after his wedding, and ends up defying everyone's expectations against all odds. After her mom dies, a teenage foster child sets out on her own and she's convinced a box that was left to her Faith movies online a deep connection to God. The film details her journey to find that connection, no matter how unexpected the events of her trip may be. A critically-acclaimed documentary about a tiny storefront church in Washington D.

Also available on Netflixthis Christian movie is based on the famous dating site for faith-based people.

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Right, only to discover that he's super religious. Can the two of them make it work? What do children do when they're around adults who don't share their belief in God? Faith's Song deals with that exact issue, following a young Christian girl who moves in with relatives who aren't in the least bit religious. Look, everyone loves Christmas. But no one loves Christmas quite as much as the people in this town. Expect Faith movies online, cheer, and tons of cozy, family-oriented vibes.

Rick is a retired cop who's dealing with an awful family tragedy when he meets Grace, a woman who's found a zest for life in the face of her own hardships.

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Together, they start anew, as Rick learns to heal his relationship with God. This one's technically a Christian Christmas moviebut we won't tell if you watch it Faith movies online time of year. The story follows Chris who, after tragedy strikes, is reminded by his past, present, and future self how to hold onto his faith.

A talented singer who dreams of breaking out of her dad's church band and into the spotlight, Grace's life is turned upside down when she s with a manager and discovers fame. The only problem: She's worried her newfound career is taking her Faith movies online away from God. A legit story of redemption if there ever was one, this Christian movie is about a man who poses as a missionary to steal money from churches. Things get complicated when he finds God instead of greed. Type keyword s to search.

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