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By Fat filipina datingJanuary 8, in The Filipina. I was just thinking about this because my wife's friend is a pretty BIG girl, and also from a pretty "locally wealthy" family, and she married an American she met online who's gotta be bigger than Big Jim. I'm just wondering if any of you guys, or guys you know, hooked up with and married a girl who is not just "big" by Philippine standards, but would be "big" back home, too?

I'm not insinuating there's anything wrong with fat people or fat girls. I'm just curious. On one hand, I'm asking myself if he knew he could've got someone much thinner and more beautiful?

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On the other hand, I'm thinking maybe it's better this way, because he went for someone he was comfortable with. On my third hand, I'm wondering if he finds her sexy, because her face is not so bad.

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It's none of my business, but just a curiosity of mine. Physically, I don't see any problem with their relationship. They have bigger problems to overcome which have nothing to do with their belt s sizes. Have any of you ever considered or followed through with marrying a fat, fat, fat Filipina, rather than the thin, little hotties available to us?

Mike S 3 posts. Bruce 7 posts. Bundy 4 posts. January 8, When I first met mine, You could put a pencil under her breast, and it would fall to the floor, But in the end you could put a typewriter under, and it would stay there : January 10, I'm sure glad no-one started a topic on "Has anyone married a fat foreign male" I'm afraid a lot of us would be in trouble January 13, Sorry, was in a rush to beat the internet cafe clock when I wrote Fat filipina dating.

I have NO problem with older women hookin' up. I was just disgusted that they were being very sexually suggestive in front of ki. I have known quite a lot of expats who met and married women who were over 40 years and waistline and they all knew of the options. I never questioned them as to why as it is their business but I had to shut my wife up many times as she can be blunt enough to ask that very question and, where I come from its rude to ask. As the saying goes, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"!

When I was stationed in Thailand in the mid 70s, I knew of a Filipino friend of mine of average height and weight for a Filipino and he only had eyes for fat women, the fatter the better, but had to at least have a cute face with sex appeal in his eyes!

So, each to their own! If you want fat, marry a Pakistani. Custom dictates that she gains weight after marriage to ify contentment and prosperity. Guys who like fat women are called 'chubby chasers'. While most men have heard the terms and identify with one. Breast man, Ass man, Leg man While we all see the same things, 'it' is only triggered in certain people's brains as a sexual stimulant.

However the above mentioned types are only a part of the story. There are men who like skinny, or fat or feet or face or hair Those who marry Fat filipina dating skinny woman because she is skinny and atractive subjective to the individual who then gains a lot of weight, loose sexual interest. He either then res himself to fate, has a skinny GF, Fat filipina dating and chases another skinny woman, or in a few cases, kills that heffer and throws her body into the pig pen late at night. Pigs are a wonderful way to get rid of an unwanted body.

It all has to do with 'where' you are in that time of your life. Speaking of ugly women In America, we have no shortage of them. Your bag is there as a precaution in case her bag breaks! He chewed threw his arm as not to wake her. Just a question in regards to filipina genes without getting too technical. I know of several husbands in French Polynesia that married beautiful polynesian girls only to have them explode into massive beachballs that only a japanese whaler could love after the birth of their first.

Maybe they forget that they're not eating for two anymore but its quite common. Does Fat filipina dating also occur in the philippines? I haven't seen too many fat chicks on the dating sites. There are at least 2 issues. Genetics, which fighting is a loosing battle. And then calorie intake. In Fat filipina dating Philippines you see thin women, and skinny women.

Genetics also controls body style more that 'fat'. Short, round, stocky, tall, lean, fat belly vs fat butt A good but not fool proof indicator is to see mom and granny yes, naked is better Also, if parents are fat, the kids grow up seeing fat, and being loved by fat parents, so they assume that 'fat' is natural There are old American sayings such as 'The bigger the cushion The better the pushing I have no personal knowledge of this While there are genetic and medical issues regulating an individual's metabolizm, if you see fat Take away those calories, and the person slims down just tempoary!

But you still have genetics you can not control. Compare a woman with straight across shoulders, boney shoulders and thin well defined arms to a round shouldered heavy armed woman. Both may only weigh pounds With proper care and maintenance But keep in mind that round shouldered woman may be a great wife.

Speaking of fat vs weight, weight has nothing to do with fat Look at her body style. Round shoulders, heavy arms and wide thick hips But maybe 4'10" tall. Everyone has veins in our arms. Heard some one say they have good or bad veins for drawing blood? What they really mean is their fat layer is thin good veins or thick, can't see the veins bad veins. Not the Fat filipina dating really at all, but the fat layer under the skin. Under the water is the bigger part? Well same applies to belly fat. As for the dating sites Anyone Marry A Fat Filipina?

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Fat filipina dating

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