Friendly metal head

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Do they like the music you do? In Finland we have a band of heavy metal dinosaurs called Hevisaurus that creates metal for. I want to move to Finland.

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Don't care if my kids get eaten by krampus. It would be worth it. We have shown my friends 3 year old son hevisaurus and he liked it but then just asked us to put Rob Zombie back on but one without the naughty words his words. It is awesome they have a metal band for .

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I find it funny that a lot of metal is actually closer to kid friendly than pop music is. This is amazing. Do you have any more recommendations of other bands? I looked it up and apparently "children's heavy metal" is an actual genre in Finland. I don't even know the language, but this is the catchiest thing ever. Especially the song titled "I need your clothes, your boots, and you motorcycle". My cats really enjoy their metal. It could be that when the metal Friendly metal head pumping, the receiver is heating up so they have a nice warm place to snuggle.

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I prefer the kitten metalhead explanation though. The cat I grew up with would become extremely snuggly and talkative when metal was playing. She would demand her cuddles and rubs.

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If it was pop music, you couldn't find her to save your life. Every time I'm blaring metal my cats come in the room and sit by me and sleep. I was explaining a theory to my wife that I think loud metal is calming to most cats. I'm convinced there is a statistical phenomenon between people liking cats and liking metal. There is no way to prove it, and I have no Friendly metal head why, but I'm sure it's there.

Found the internet! Metal he with kids what music do your kids like? Posted by 7 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Continue this thread. I wish I spoke Finnish This is awesome! I miss that cat. But thank you for the memory. My cat loves to race around the room and play when thrash is on. Shreddit: Heavy Metal.

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Friendly metal head

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