How to bring god into your life

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Whether you are seeking a greater purpose in life, are a new believer, or have walked with Jesus for a long time, these simple tips will remind you that getting closer to God is just one small act away. Spend some time with God today, and you will be blessed and refreshed. Get quiet. Read your bible. Underline, highlight, or write out passages, verses, phrases or words that speak How to bring god into your life you.

These are the gifts that keep on giving when you need encouragement down the road. Write out your prayers in a dedicated notebook ; these can be for others or yourself. Then spend time in prayer. Go for a walk and talk with God. Share your heart: what is troubling you, what you are thankful for, and your hopes and dreams.

He listens. Meditate on Scripture. Put on some worship music and immerse yourself in the melody and lyrics. Sing along, dance…or just listen. Let the Holy Spirit minister to you. Marvel at the world God has created. Walk in the forest, sit by a bubbling stream, watch a mother bird feed her young, or drive out in the country for a picnic.

Let the experience soak in. Journal what God has been speaking to you about today. Share what God has done for you with a friend or family member. Witnessing is a powerful tool for our own spiritual growth, and pleases the Lord. Do something for someone else without expecting anything in return.

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Use the gifts God has given you. If He has called you to create, then create. If He has called you to administer, then administer. If He has called you to shepherd, then shepherd. Fasting brings clarity of mind and combined with any of the above, gives you the potential for a remarkable encounter with God. Count, and thank God for, your blessings every day. Check out my national award-nominated song "Holy Spirit" by clicking here. Follow me on Instagram by clicking here and on Facebook here. Thanks you for the great advise.

I'll startef reading my Bible again I'll like to be more closer to god I really enjoy these good Ideas that pull me closer to God and make me feel better about myself and others. Thank you very much for making people's day and helping people understand the true meaning of being close to God by doing and saying things for others and not just for yourself. Thank you so much and I wanna send my whole heart on this person who wrote this because I am 13 years old and trying to find ways to get closer to god like Jesus at an early age and while I am still on earth I want to worship him as much as I can so thank you so much and may God be with you all the time.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful steps, to get much more closer to God. Thanks for be writing on how to be closer to god i really enjoy this teaching and god will bless you and your family. In jesus name. I felt presence of God leading me to this And I gained some things I never knew and have always wanted to know This is a great privilege knowing God more through this May God continue to enrich you all round.

For the fast few years of my life I've experienced difficulty in creating a intimate relationship with God. By applying those 12 vital steps ,now I've come closer into the presence of the Lord. Thank u for the article. It has reassured me that the things I am doing is still touch heaven! I plead the blood over any n everyone reading this. Just one touch of his glory will do! Hey glory. I'm so blessed right now. I have gained a relationship with god. I feel blessed and I feel closer to God. I'm really grateful for this write up, I pray that the Lord continue to uplift the writer and family.

Stay blessed!!! It a wonderful thing to work in his holy name. Thanks so much I didn't know what to do, God bless the writer and his family. God bless you so How to bring god into your life. Just reading this gave me so much joy and encouragement.

God bless you. May God smile on you and direct your steps to the path that le you safely to your prosperity Hi Bev: I am praying for you. Remember that your journey with the Lord will take time and perseverance. I encourage you read Psalm 23 "The Lord is my Shepherd God bless. You are welcome, Emma! Thanks for stopping by. I pray that the business I started continues to grow. I search for the peace and pleasure it gives me in Gods name! Hi Bobby: Praying right now that your business will grow.

More importantly, that it will grow on His strength rather than your own as you continue to keep your eyes on Jesus. Take time every day to spend with the Lord and He will order How to bring god into your life steps. Bless you. People need to mend their ways and return to God now more than ever to avoid suffering from His rightful judgement. Thanks for this article. I want to be more closer to God and please always remember me in your prayers as I mend my ways to be closer How to bring god into your life God. Let the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with joy as we proclaim Christ crucified and resurrected.

Praise God for your witness! Thank you for your encouragement, Olumide! I need God's presence. I need Him to fill me. Please pray for me to know Him again in my life I need Him. I'll definitely try to practice these teachings. Thank you. Thank you for your note, Constance. I don't know what her circumstances are, but You do. You hear her cries. She longs to be filled by Your Holy Spirit to guide, protect, and nurture her. She knows she needs You in her life. May the Holy Spirit rise up in her.

May she feel You especially close to her today.

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May she be filled with Your love and compassion. May she keep her eyes on You. May she take time every day to spend quiet time with You. You know her needs.

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You know her heart. May she rise up and become a great warrior for You, Lord. In Jesus's name I pray this, Amen. Michele all you have to do is ask. Our God is loving and compassionate. He WILL hear your prayers. Thank you for taking the time to share.

I will share this to my family, my friends, and especially my girlfriend. Thank you for sharing this post with those close to you, Mark. You have blessed me, the Lord, and your family too. You are a man of God for sharing what has spoken to your heart with your girlfriend too. Thanks so much for this. You know I used to hear God when i was a youth and i so much miss those moments. Now that im married,i dont. So i came here just to see what am I lacking so now im gonna apply the above steps.

How to bring god into your life

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