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Lancaster Counseling. Attachment trauma can happen to anyone any time, but it occurs more often in childhood, sometimes as a preverbal infant, when is neglected, abandoned, or abused. Attachment trauma is often part of complex PTSD that manifests itself in unhealthy relationships, constant fear of abandonment, and a lot of stress. This psychotherapy has been researched extensively and shown to be safe and effective for helping the mind heal from trauma. Using EMDR, a trained therapist helps to reduce the impact of attachment trauma. EMDR therapy is non-invasive, easy to do, and has very few side effects.

Even when healthy affection is offered, she might not be able to recognize it or accept it.

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Attachment trauma occurs when a relationship that requires trust is broken. A parent who beats or neglects their. In EMDR, the therapist uses bi-lateral stimulation, meaning stimulation of both sides of the body. While this is happening, the client is accessing memories associated with their trauma, like images, cognitions, and sensations.

EMDR has been shown to be amazingly effective at treating PTSD post-traumatic stress disordera disorder often related to attachment trauma, that can lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicide. The best part is that it has few side effects, especially as compared to pharmaceutical solutions. Our team is a bunch of therapy nerds located in the downtown Griest building - in the heart of Lancaster. We now have offices on both the 2nd and 11th floor of the building - serving all of our Primary Therapists, along with our Lady at teens wanting sex Lancaster Director and Program Directors.

Initially only serving downtown Lancaster residents, we now serve hundreds of clients virtually throughout the state as well.

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As our team has grown, we now have a diverse team of providers - serving different demographics, areas of focus, and specializing in different modalities. Each clinician serves a role in helping our Clinical Team provide the most comprehensive services in mental health counseling. You can about each clinician at: www. Each new office has a cozy feel - tailored to your therapy needs - some Lady at teens wanting sex Lancaster state of the art EMDR kits, and in another ren playroom for our Registered Play Therapist, Yanina Marti.

One of our new exciting announcements including the new offering of a group therapy room. This cozy office will allow for process therapeutic groups, along with complex case consultations for our team to continue our advanced training initiatives. With our team expansion, we are mindful to continue to assess and evaluate the needs of the Lancaster community and tailor our advanced clinical trainings to meet the needs of Pennsylvania residents. With over half of our clients electing to have telehealth virtual counseling - we are now serving clients from Pittsburgh, to Philadelphia, along with many small rural areas.

We are happy to talk with you about your counseling needs, regardless of which city in Pennsylvania you may need therapeutic services. We look forward to seeing you in our new space soon. If you have any questions, : welcome sunpointwellness. The next time you come for a session - come on a downtown Lancaster Central Market Day - so you can enjoy a pastry and coffee after your counseling session. Is your family, school, or company experiencing a recent traumatic event? Whether a recent death, act of violence, group experienced trauma, team burnout- our team is specially trained in the most evidence-based ways to help your group.

Trained in two specialty approaches, our team.

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Each session invites all participants who voluntarily are choosing to participate in Lancaster. It is critical that each person is electing to be in this process, as some members may not yet be ready to participate. Prior to attending, individuals levels of stability are assessment - and some people may be better suited for a refer to individual EMDR counseling to another provider in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Great question!

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Our team is flexible - we offer Lady at teens wanting sex Lancaster on site EMDR group and recent event protocol at our downtown Lancaster Griest Building Office, as well as can travel to your community location. Each location must have both a group room and a small break out room.

The goal is for us to help intervene as soon as possible in order to reduce the residual negative impact of trauma. Our Lancaster Therapy facilitators will discuss your teams specific EMDR therapy needs and may see small groups of about participants, depending on whether a co-facilitator is present.

Please discuss with our Lady at teens wanting sex Lancaster team how we can run multiple groups over the course of the day to serve necessary large scale community traumas. Do we talk about the trauma? What is participants get more triggered? This process is specifically deed for our Lancaster community residents to never have to speak about the details, while addressing the impact of the event.

The only spoken words will be to help strengthen positive qualities and resources from the participants. The process pairs a bilateral movement a left-right motion while thinking about the trauma. It allows our brains to form adaptive reactions and build resiliency through a step by step evidence-based proven process.

We want to talk more how we can help. Our Bottom Line: To help the Lancaster community thrive and foster resiliency following crisis group and recent events through the intervention of EMDR therapy. Please reach out anytime by calling or ing: welcome sunpointwellness. At Sun Point Wellness, we are passionate in our belief that everyone deserves access to excellent therapy services, whether they are looking for individual therapy, couples counseling, sex therapy or trauma therapy. She is paneled with most Highmark and Blue Shield plans; along with can issue you a superbill for other insurance plans.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a session. Yanina holds numerous advanced clinical credentials.

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As a highly qualified and experienced individual, family and couples therapist her dedication shines through in all of her clinical interactions with her clients. She is a very creative therapist who brings positivity and gentle humor to sessions with her clients, and nurtures a warm and reassuring environment in her Lancaster counseling office.

Every individual has different needs and personal circumstances that they bring to their therapy sessions, and Yanina understands that successful therapy requires teamwork between counselor and client. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping her clients to thrive and succeed after facing difficult challenges. Counseling with Yanina takes place in a safe and welcoming environment that is perfect for individuals, families and couples who find themselves struggling with certain areas or stages of their life.

Her compassionate and caring attitude helps her clients to regain their sense of trust in themself so that they can better understand their current situation. As a Registered Play Therapist, she is experienced in using play therapy and sand tray techniques with her clients. And Yanina is fully qualified in EMDR therapy, which can be extremely helpful for clients recovering from simple or complex traumas.

It is a an evidenced based treatment process that has eight distinct stages to treat trauma. Through the assessment stage of the process, the client will relive their triggering experiences while the psychologist notes the movements of their eyes. Remembering distressing memories is often less emotionally disturbing when your focus is distracted, so EMDR can allow you to talk about memories and emotions without experiencing a strong psychological reaction. Over time, EMDR treatment can mitigate the effect that memories or emotions have on you.

Unlike most therapies, EMDR relies specifically on the memory and by changing the way that the memory is processed in the brain, it can reduce and even eliminate troublesome symptoms. EMDR can also be useful for couples who are facing difficulties in their relationship, and helps them to move past the challenges that are impacting them.

Many people prefer EMDR to traditional talk therapy as it offers a concrete treatment plan. It targets specific memories and has helped many people overcome their stresses. EMDR treatment works best for people who want to move past their trauma, and has played a crucial role in helping people thrive through therapy. Please get in touch if you would like to find an EMDR therapist or learn more about how this type of therapy can help you or a loved one as an individual or as part of your relationship.

Along with the rest of our talented therapists at Sun Point Wellness, Yanina Marti utilizes a culturally based Lady at teens wanting sex Lancaster in order to serve individuals from all walks of life. She enjoys working with individuals who are looking to heal and offers a supportive process to all who enter her office doors. She passionately believes that everyone should Lady at teens wanting sex Lancaster access to help when they need it, and conveniently accepts most Highmark and Blue Shield plans. The Clinical Care Coordinator at Sun Point Wellness is helpful to verify your benefits over a free phone consultation.

Please reach out anytime if you are looking for Pennsylvania counseling services.

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You can call our Clinical Care Coordinator to set you up with Yanina Marti at: or fill out this contact form to schedule your first visit with us. Yanina and the rest of the Sun Point Wellness counseling team are ready to help! What We Offer. Our Therapists. Talk to Us. How does Attachment Trauma happen? Where can this process occur?

How large is each group? How does this work? About Yanina Marti-Ramirez Yanina holds numerous advanced clinical credentials. Making Therapy accessible for all Along with the rest of our talented therapists at Sun Point Wellness, Yanina Marti utilizes a culturally based approach in order to serve individuals from all walks of life.

Lady at teens wanting sex Lancaster

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