Sissy diaper stories

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Jake tried to go to sleep, but his mind was racing. Who did this Sylvia lady think she was? Why was he so incredibly turned on Sissy diaper stories the way she treated him? He had longed for this for sometime. Now that it had actually become a reality though he was terrified. He suddenly realized that he could hear his mother and Nanny Sylvia talking in the next room. He got excited thinking things might go back to normal for that time. He thought to himself. She is already referring to me as a female, as a girl.

Jake was amazed at the series of events that had taken place. Soon though he was drifting of to sleep. Jake woke up to the sound of voices the next morning. It seemed Nanny Sylvia was on the phone with an associate. Jake felt his heart sink. He was going to be taken outside of the house with his mother and Nanny dressed as a baby girl. He tried to fight it Sissy diaper stories the tears came anyway. The crying was out of control now. Jake just stared at her face. How could she not know what was wrong? Everything that was his was taken and he was being turned into a sissy, or a girl.

This strange woman Sissy diaper stories arranging for someone to baby-sit him in her absence and he was old enough to have kids of his own. He thought. What a ridiculous question to ask. Then she reached in to wipe his tears with a cloth diaper. She walked to his closet to find clothes for him.

The nanny pulled out a thick pastel pink petticoat and laid it on his changing table. He heard the rustling as she came out with a frilly white dress with pink ribbons on it. He was taken from his crib and over to the changing table. Nanny Sylvia hummed as she changed him and put him in thick cloth diapers. He was surprised this time that the rubber pants were not of the locking variety.

He assumed it was because they would be close by. Once he was dressed in his layers of ruffles, he was put in thick white tights and white patent leather Mary Janes. When he looked at himself in the nursery mirror he was shocked at how girlish and babyish he looked. His Nanny presented him to his mother and they left the house to meet his potential sitter, Cindy. I have felt really bad lately with the amount of time my abie and I spend as abie and mommy.

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I have been trying to think of ways to add time for it. So I believe I have a plan. Ok tomorrow I wake him up and have him call work to take a personal day. Once we have the house to ourselves without any indication I slip into mommy role with him. Then we have the whole day for us. As his sitter lounged around after her shower, adult baby Henry was far from asleep.

He was lying in the floor above the staircase watching his sweet Sissy diaper stories enjoy herself. She was stretched out on her towel, letting it fall around her as her hands wandered. Poor little Henry felt a bulge forming in his diaper, and wanted to relieve himself also, but decided to wait.

Then she looked up and caught him peeking at her. What do you think happened to him? Well I took the new baby to visit his new surrogate cousin Jenna. He was ill, and in a bad mood as Mommy tried to dress him. He was very grumpy and pouted the whole time. I keep saying he, but he has been treated like a she pretty much from day one. So Jenna is going to be babysitting him for me sometimes, and taking him around the neighborhood.

I guess we shall see, as his resistance is high. I mean he can be forced into doing things, yes. I just thought by now baby would have accepted that she is in fact a baby, and not be so spiteful Sissy diaper stories her words to Mommy. Perhaps some hypnosis is in order.

Your instructor opens the door and welcomes him in. It looks much like a regular kitchen. He Sissy diaper stories why you expected it to look like anything else. The instructor walked him through the process, boiling the shells, browning the meat and onions. Chad followed along and was starting to enjoy himself. Everything was beginning to smell so nice. He just knew that in a few weeks he could make the perfect birthday dinner for his wife and her friends.

Since they got married five years ago Chad had maybe cooked seven meals for his family. He really wanted to make an impression and please her making her birthday a special one. He told her he was helping a co-worker do some remodeling to make up for the time. Chad shook his head no. She shook some light brown powder over the shell stuffing and stirred it up. They went about finishing the dish. Chad sat down and tasted the meal they had prepared. It was delicious, and he felt over the next few weeks he would learn to make even more things.

His instructor smiled and sipped her water She waited patiently as Chad took his time with his dinner. As he took his last bite he began to feel very drowsy. I should get. The instructor walked over and wiped his mouth off. The cool water on his face caused him to stir. Chad Sissy diaper stories at her with big innocent eyes as he smiled at her. He felt close to her, and had no idea why. He could feel his body was normal, yet he felt so very small. He tried to talk and garble came out.

The instructor smiled at him and helped him from the table.

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Without a second thought Chad got down to the floor and began to crawl. He continued to babble, and coo as he crawled all over the floor. Chad crawled behind the stranger and entered a bright blue room. He drooled and cooed as the instructor undressed him and laid him down in the diapering position. Chad was having baby powder sprinkled over his skin and the instructor hummed as she rubbed it in.

She took out a crinkly thick diaper and pushed it under his bottom. Sissy diaper stories smiled at her and giggled. The instructor unflipped her phone and placed a call to her partner. She hung up the phone and played with the baby boy as she waited for her partner to come and take him.

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The look on his face let her know he really had no idea what was happening. I have had this idea lately. You get a letter I the mail telling you that you have won a weekend spa trip to M. After some research you find it is a legitimate spa, and a legitimate giveaway, so you call to redeem your prize.

Sissy diaper stories

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