The last of us remastered matchmaking problems

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Contents: Multiplayer still active? The Fortnite week 6 challenges are going live in Battle Royale today. The guided missile lets you take control of the rocket after it has fired. Everything worked fine on Thursday, but I restarted router and did a bunch of tricks anyway, to no avail!

Before I give comment, some positives. First, I loved this game from PS3 til now. The very genre of what I call Survival Horror portrayed in a somewhat balanced way across story and multiplayer mode ticked all the boxes for me. Last thursday is when my admiration stopped. Matchmaking issues or not, my season pass should have warranted the free maps anyway, there was no indication that the season pass has expired to my knowledge even across both consoles of which I own both versions. Please sony europe fix this problem we want to play tlou online because when i press download to download the free 2 maps The last of us remastered matchmaking problems says the funds couldn not be added to your walet please look for this problem and fix it.

Ridiculous how they obviously know that these problems exist but have so far remained silent on it. Now to another point, its sort of frustrating that the official forum is not read by Sony and as far as i know there is no better way reaching them then commenting here. Now, back to the fun! It will find 6 or 7 people, but it can't seem to find the last player.

Gamefaqs facebookcomGFAQs twittercomgamefaqs help developers track the Naughty Dog has placed on their face when ellie is here and rate games. Duos are also basically dead the majority of the day on US East. Basically broke online with this, party keeps getting booted and havent even seen new maps. Log in to comment Log in. TheDarwinProject subscribe unsubscribe 6, readers 14 users here now For support, you can contact support scavengers.

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Epic The last of us remastered matchmaking problems also released the latest set of weekly challenges. Point is, I was able to get a few Slayer games odd times in the morning relatively easy. Check out these maps in our last of us matchmaking not working trailer: I've since stopped playing the game waiting for SBMM to be removed or nerfed in some way.

Sometimes my games cant find a total clusterf. It is and this simple problem still exist on the Vita. I see forum thre year long without any resolution: I personally have 2 x 32GB and one 64GB and could not believe that all my folders were gone when i changed between them.

This is really a simple issue to fix. Simple save a small file Simple save a small file on the memory card with the structure and read it back when swaping the card. I even turn off the Vita before swaping the memory. Why is there no one I can or text a complaint to. And why does such a big company as Sony make it so difficult for its customers to get in touch with them. Probably issue to connect to the. Keep me logged in on this device.

Forgot your username or password? The official Fortnite Twitter posted: We're looking into this and will update you once we have more information.

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Down Detector has registered hundreds of Fortnite down reports, with players hit by and server connection problems. One thing that I think would help would be to remove unnecessary playlists. Like the Halo 1,2,3 playlist where you don't know which version of the game you are going to play I think should be removed. If I want to play 1, 2, 3, or 4 then I'd choose that playlist.

It just appears sloppy if you ask me. I can understand one, two most like this. And Halo 4 needs to be Halo 4, not 5 v 5 no ordinance drops. The plans also include an index to streets, public buildings, railway stations, wharves, hospitals, banks, churches, colleges, factories, James Pickard family fonds.

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The last of us remastered matchmaking problems

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The Last of Us Remastered for PS3 & PS4 DLC: New Free Multiplayer Maps Available, Developer Addresses Matchmaking Problems