Useless celebrity facts

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Celebrities tend to be an eclectic bunch of people. For many celebrities, their quirks and zany personalities helped them become famous in the first place.

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This list goes over bizarre trivia about famous people that will leave you dumbfounded. These things you never knew about celebrities will blow you away — but hopefully knowing them will land you a spot on Jeopardyor at least win you the local pub trivia.

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Vote up the things that shock you the most about these celebs! Famous sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer may teach you a trick or two about spicing up your love life, but did you know she could also probably blow your brains out from yards away? She was sniper in the Israeli army during the early formation of the state.

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Also, she was apparently an excellent shot. He made a decent living at it, too.

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Before Simon Cowell was up on his high horse judging others' talent, he was at the bottom of the entertainment totem pole, polishing set props. Vangelis is the famous composer behind the scores for Chariots of Fire and the original Blade Runnerbut did you know he cannot read a single line of music? Ruth Is A Trained Sniper.

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