Which guy do i like more

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Please leave empty:. Neither there pretty different from me. Guy B. Guy A. I never really think about any of them. Since we were little. A little over a year. Just met him. I have never met him but I have seen him at school. Someone else.

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Neither but I wish. Yes I have gone out with guy A and then I broke up with him but I want to get back together.

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Yes guy B and he broke up with me. Guy B they like me. Both They somewhat like me. Guy A and they love me. Neither never met there parents. Comments Change color. Girl You like both of them. You are in a rough spot but you can get through it. Either that of you let them both go and find new guys.

Help You like them both. Wow gee thanks. I think I knew that already. Sans You know what I've learnt from the of these quizzes, Ditch boys we don't need 'em. My name Girl in blue ARMYY YOUr name: Funny thing is there is NO guy a!!!!

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Nia It Which guy do i like more guy b I see him once a week, but GUY A!! No one Hello Guy B is my close friend's twin brother, and she even said that we would go pretty well together, even though she's still confused on why I like him. Guy A is in basically all of my classes and he looks at me sometimes, makes a joke and waits to see if I react, and just generally acts friendly around me and I've liked him kinda one-off for a while, but everyone knows that he likes a different girl and my friends know I like him and kinda pity me when anyone mentions him and the other girl, but I just always say that we are just friends, and we are, but I get the feeling that he actually might like me as more of a friend.

Basically, I'm just kinda confused though and I don't know why.

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PeachyGurlll Ok well I agree. Person A. I liked person B in kindergarten til 3rd grade when I left the school. We are still kinda friends and he just told me he liked me. He likes my good friend. And it sucks. Because A is my best friend. He knows literally everything about me except that I like him again. We almost dated.

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We basically did. But we did everything that couples do basically. But then claims to not like me. Please help me.

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What do I do?! Delete this comment Cancel.

Which guy do i like more

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