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Home A redhead's female boss wife cheating stories wife,boss,office,oral,erotic stories. A redhead's female boss wife cheating stories He worked, he stayed in shape, he was kind to his family, and he wasn't happy. Michael was 39 years old and listlessly going through the motions. Lately, he worried that the last throes of his virility were upon him.

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Wife office sex stories all, his 40th birthday was approaching. Long, solemn stares into the bathroom vanity marked each passing morning. But, despite the lack of attention his wife gave him, he was still proud of his reflection. His thick auburn hair was just starting to turn gray. He kept his beard, still very much a youthful red, trimmed close, and his jaw stood out in hard angles, framing a large handsome face. The blue eyes turned he.

All 6'3" of him was lean muscle. His broad shoulders and long torso were sculpted for walking tall in tailored suits. So in that light, Michael felt more attractive at work than he did at home, though he took no pleasure in that fact. He tried to look on the bright side: at least it was a good job, and he made good money, and he wore nice suits to work everyday.

He had few complaints, he knew, and often felt absurdly guilty for the anhedonia that lately gripped his mind and soul. And it was sex that had him so down. It had been too long since his cock had been inside her unsheathed, too long since he had emptied his balls and planted his seed in her fertile womb. His wife didn't want another baby, so condoms were the norm, but he longed for the happy days and nights of flesh on flesh, adding his fluids to her's, finishing and continuing, with no pause for awkward prophylactic disposal. But unfortunately, though he craved sex constantly, and gave as much as he got, his wife had grown less interested since the birth of their last.

She wasn't frigid, but neither did she burn hot - a box of condoms lasted for months. Often she would suggest they have sex as if it were an overdue chore. He supposed her initiating should make him feel better, but then the lights would go out and it would occur to him that he could be fat and ugly and it would probably not make any difference to her. And with that thought burning a hole in his ego, Michael readied himself for work, kissed his beautiful wife on the way out the door and Wife office sex stories considered swatting her big ass before his confidence disappeared in a storm of self-doubt.

He went to work depressed, stressed, and horny. There was also plenty of scenery at work in the form of beautiful, equally well-dressed women. Although he was careful to never get too close, lately he was beginning to wonder why he bothered being careful at all. Would his wife even care anymore? Would she notice if he didn't come home until late at night? That was his mood today as he made small talk with Tonda from customer service.

Michael didn't think of himself as the savviest player in the office, but when Tonda laughed at his lame jokes, touched his arms while talking, sidled up to him to whisper gossip in his ear, allowing him free glances down her top, well, he was fairly certain she was giving it off and all he had to do was make a move. He never did, but her heavy-lidded eyes, weighed down in dark mascara, plump Wife office sex stories lips in a resting pout, and Wife office sex stories brown skin would be hard to resist if she ever made a move herself.

Right then, he imagined reaching out, grabbing her blouse and tearing it open to expose her heavy bra-encased tits. He doubted she would even try to stop him. She caught the insane, desperate look in his eyes as he lifted his gaze from her chest and she smirked, and then winked.

Nonplussed, Michael returned to his desk. He passed Carla, the twenty-something skinny blonde s assistant, and she flashed him a warm smile, unconsciously brushing a few strands of hair away from her face and back behind her ears. She did that every time they talked, Michael remembered. Then he chastised himself for being a desperate old man, eager for any kind of attention, no matter how subtle or even imaginary. Carla was just being nice. Nice did not equal attraction, he reminded himself His boss was waiting for him and his heart went into his throat.

She had been watching him talk to Tonda and exchange smiles with Carla and she kept staring as he made his way over.

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She had a very odd expression on her face, full of stern trepidation and distraction. Oh God, I'm in trouble now, thought Michael. Taylor was a good boss, but strict, and she had a temper. Michael Wife office sex stories about facing her wrath over normal fuck-ups, so facing Taylor's wrath over sexual misconduct?

He couldn't even imagine. It didn't help that Taylor was stunningly beautiful: tall, skinny, perky tits, always dressed in tight, silky suits and high heels. Like Michael, she also had red hair — beautifully long and thick, flowing down her back. Her legs were long and her ass was tight and round. Every male and female in the office could not help but ogle her when she walked past them. Michael had caught Tonda licking her lips while watching Taylor bend over Carla's desk to help her with an.

When Tonda saw Michael grinning at her, she shrugged. Nobody's that straight.

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I must look ridiculous, he thought. Taylor marched to her office and Michael followed close behind, admiring her tall, elegant body enclosed in a navy suit, expertly tailored to accentuate her hindquarters. He could feel every eye on both of them as they went inside her spacious office. Taylor gestured for him to sit down on the sofa beneath the window.

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She shut the door. She locked the door. That was odd. Taylor turned and stared at Michael for a few seconds and he thought he detected the slightest tremble in her legs. She took a deep breath, and then came and sat beside him on the sofa, turning to face him, crossing her legs and resting an elbow on the sofa, propping her head up with Wife office sex stories closed fist on her temple.

Michael could smell her perfume. Her cheeks were red against her pale skin. If I'm in trouble, Michael thought to himself, it was going to be an up close and personal rebuke. He hoped his breath smelled ok. I know I'm your boss, but I'd also like to think of you as a friend. Are we friends? He didn't know where she lived, had met her husband only once but couldn't remember his name Jasonand they never discussed anything but work.

He vaguely recalled that Wife office sex stories husband also had red hair, but thinner than theirs, and closer to orange, while both Taylor's and Michael's were more of a wavy auburn. Of course we're friends. Taylor smiled, but seemed on the edge of tears.

She put her hands over her face and took a deep, ragged breath. Either way, he figured he'd better do something. He tentatively reached out and placed what he hoped was a reassuring hand on her shoulder. You can tell me anything. Taylor took his hand in hers and squeezed hard. It seemed to give her courage. I knew you were the right choice. It's a long story, but I have a, well, a very big favor to ask of you, but I'm afraid to ask and ruin everything.

When Taylor started talking, she didn't stop for a long time and when she was finished, she finally asked her favor. In between multiple tangents about medical expenses that she hoped to avoid incurring, reputations that she hoped to avoid destroying, and a husband whose feelings and love she hoped to avoid crushing, Michael learned that Taylor wanted a baby, desperately, but could not get pregnant.

The preliminary tests seemed to indicate that she was fine, but her husband, in typical male medical procrastination, had put off getting tested himself. Jason kept asking her to give it another month. I've given it 12 months! I'm sick of giving it another month! I need a baby and Jason won't even take the time to find Wife office sex stories if he can give me one!

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When she finally asked the question, he was mostly ready for it. You're handsome and kind and smart. And you also have red hair, red like mine and my husband's. We even have the same color eyes. You're the perfect candidate for this. Will you make a baby with me? He asked a question first. I promise it will be as professional as possible. Just missionary sex with the lights out.

Wife office sex stories

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